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E-Mail Adressen MISSBRAUCH!

Immer wieder wird versucht unsere E-Mailadresse zu benutzen. Es werden Rechnungen verschickt ja sogar auch Mahnungen.

Wenn Sie nicht persönlich angesprochen werden und der Absender nicht ganz klar ist, ignorieren Sie bitte solche E-Mail. Öffnen Sie auf keinen Fall die Anhänge, es könnte sich ein Virus dahinter verstecken!


Duties of I.U.C.C.

Our members and partners can help you in the following cases:  

  * Economic – financial criminality (fraud/use of forgery, economic espionage)  
  * Looking for persons (hidden or missing persons)
  * Persons and values transport protection
  * Reliability complete check (individuals and companies, at national and international level)
  * Obtaining information beyond country borders
  * Recover of stolen or lost values and goods.(at international level)
  * Surveillance of persons or business progress. (officially or secretly)
  * Preventive actions and measures. (for example: check the business partners in terms of law observance)
  * Information about seriousness and reliability of your clients as well as of other persons) 

How can we help you in case of problems beyond the country borders

The problem of the international help!

Too few information or means are often placed in order the authorities, if it is about international crime.

Our organization can place available competent help world-wide. Our members are very well familiar with the local laws and practices.

With our help You don't need to despair as victim; because through our reliable network structure, we are in the situation, to immediately activate 12.000 agents an information appliance world-wide at once.

To this, our member also counts in Slovenia a security company, for example that can put additionally 10 co-workers to disposal. Or one of our partners in the USA that makes 150 investigators and goal searchers available for us anytime. Or also one security services in Bavaria that immediately can put us 20 armed, trained persons!

Through it that contractually us - tied departments and members, that either have their seat abroad or maintain contacts abroad, belongs we are in the situation:

Fast, efficiently and under maintenance of the legal possibilities and rules of the use place for you active becomes. Everywhere on the world!