Wir sind international für Sie tätig

We act internationally for you


Weltweit stehen mehr als 12.000 Kontaktpersonen / Agenten zur Verfügung

Worldwide more than 12,000 contacts / agents are available


Vertrauen auch Sie unseren erfolgreichen Möglichkeiten

Trust also you to our successful possibilities


Verlassen Sie sich auf unsere Erfahrung seit 1995

Count on our experience since 1995


Wir respektieren das Gesetz und halten Sie vom Schaden frei

We respect the law and keep you from the damage

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E-Mail Adressen MISSBRAUCH!

Immer wieder wird versucht unsere E-Mailadresse zu benutzen. Es werden Rechnungen verschickt ja sogar auch Mahnungen.

Wenn Sie nicht persönlich angesprochen werden und der Absender nicht ganz klar ist, ignorieren Sie bitte solche E-Mail. Öffnen Sie auf keinen Fall die Anhänge, es könnte sich ein Virus dahinter verstecken!


Here you can get information about the largest and most powerful union of this field!

We believe that you do not visit our site by accident, and hope that we can help you (if you are, of course, need assistance or any other support)!

On the foundation of various experiences and education it was founded the I.U.C.C. in April, 1995. Thanks to our basic basis we are the only international UNION which is able with her employees and members to help you personally and privately worldwide. In addition we have in many countries (> 65) our agents / the contacts whom you support.

Over the years, many have tried to force us to remain silent: people, the courts, prosecutors, financial authorities, lawyers and the country. Attempts have been made to close our organization, implement a cheap spy, using blackmail and threats, as well as using other methods ineffective against our organization, we do not give what we think is right and law. But we still exist, and this alone is sufficient proof of the legitimacy of our action.

But why I.U.C.C. together with their experts do it all for you and for many others, for the needy and for those who are looking for help ??? Because we can !!!

You can find information on the site, and in case of questions we ask you to ask them in writing by filling out the form.

If you are a representative of an agency, the press or other public or governmental organization and does not understand anything of the above in the following pages, we also ask you to contact us!

Union President I.U.C.C.