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Immer wieder wird versucht unsere E-Mailadresse zu benutzen. Es werden Rechnungen verschickt ja sogar auch Mahnungen.

Wenn Sie nicht persönlich angesprochen werden und der Absender nicht ganz klar ist, ignorieren Sie bitte solche E-Mail. Öffnen Sie auf keinen Fall die Anhänge, es könnte sich ein Virus dahinter verstecken!


Special departments
The job consists in it to form (internationally) own groups whose representatives (in English "Agent") are particularly obliged information about topical criminal subjects
as for example

- Terrorism
- Educations of criminal unions
- Incitements of the people
- Child pornography,
- Security (Internet, person and goods)
- Drugs (sales and production)
- Economic criminal activity
- Inquiries of person in request or missing; war criminal, people they are searched by Interpol, Europol or police stations

unselfishly to the group leader (to pass on in English Group Inspector) and the group leader this unselfishly to the next police offices.
The group leaders must prove themselves by a specialist knowledge or by a higher school education or by at least 5 years of active membership in the I.U.C.C.