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Welcome to I.U.C.C., the International Union for the fight against crime!


Here you can get information about the largest and most powerful union of this field!

We believe that you do not visit our site by accident, and hope that we can help you (if you are, of course, need assistance or any other support)!

Of course, we have imitators, who think that they can replace years of experience I.U.C.C. and qualifications of its professionals, presenting the icon and counterfeit documents and identity!

However, only members of I.U.C.C. can present a service certificate and / or valid worldwide red passport. If someone showed you such a certificate, you can directly on the site by following the link "Request for employees", enter the name and service number I.U.C.C. and learn online mode if this person really is a member I.U.C.C. You should also check to see whether the expired term of validity of his or her identity. This can be found by looking in the very identity, that is, to the period of validity there shall be indicated:.. "Expiry date ..."

If your check has yielded positive results, it means that the person - a member of I.U.C.C., an organization that has grown considerably since 1995, thanks to the huge and tireless contribution of the experts and currently has more than 12,000 agents worldwide.

Over the years, many have tried to force us to remain silent: people, the courts, prosecutors, financial authorities, lawyers and the country. Attempts have been made to close our organization, implement a cheap spy, using blackmail and threats, as well as using other methods ineffective against our organization, we do not give what we think is right and law. But we still exist, and this alone is sufficient proof of the legitimacy of our action.

But why I.U.C.C. together with their experts do it all for you and for many others, for the needy and for those who are looking for help ??? Because we can !!!

Because even the courts, prosecutors, lawyers, police, customs, FBI, and other financial agencies can make mistakes or not taken seriously you, your problems, concerns and needs, or simply be overworked.

You can find information on the site, and in case of questions we ask you to ask them in writing by filling out the form.

If you are a representative of an agency, the press or other public or governmental organization and does not understand anything of the above in the following pages, we also ask you to contact us!

And for all the fools, and talkers who can not read - we do not "criminal union" and "Union for the fight against crime"!

If you - one of those who iz-za kakogo-to birth defect can not find a better occupation than to harm others, then email us and we will betray your name publicity to let everyone know what are some of the stupid! No better and envious, know-all, armchair criminals who can not forgive us our success and unsubstantiated spread about us false information.

"Envy - recognition of the strength of those who are jealous and envious evidence of weakness!"

If you belong to people who speak openly and dealt with honestly, who really need help, who want change and can afford it, or who believe they deserve our trust and our help, then we look forward to your treatment!

Union President I.U.C.C.


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